Dr Jenna Cutting

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Dr Jenna Cutting is the principal dentist and owner of Berry Dental Studio.

Dr Jenna is passionate about bringing the most comfortable, highest quality cosmetic and general dentistry to our patients. After opening the Studio in 2019, Dr Jenna quickly established a reputation as a gentle and caring dentist with a passion for precise treatment and patient comfort.

With a special interest in facial aesthetics and holistic smile design, Dr Jenna is able to enhance the beauty of every smile. Dr Jenna uses the latest 3D technology and advanced techniques from all over the world, to bring comfortable and beautiful cosmetic dentistry to the Studio in Berry. 

Dr Jenna is also passionate about helping patients with orthodontic treatment. Using clear Invisalign or braces, Dr Jenna has been able to help hundreds of patients with their overbites, crowded or gappy teeth. Dr Jenna holds a Graduate Diploma of Orthodontics from City of London Dental School (2018) and is the most experienced Invisalign provider in the Shoalhaven. 

Prior to opening the Studio in 2019, Dr Jenna spent seven years working as a dentist in Sydney. During this time, Dr Jenna worked at a leading cosmetic dental clinic (Sydney Laser Dental Care) as well as a specialist orthodontics practice (Full Face Orthodontics) with the renowned orthodontist, Dr Derek Mahony.

Before university,  Dr Jenna grew up in Gerringong and moved to study dentistry at Griffith University in Queensland, graduating in 2012 with Distinction, four Academic Excellence Awards and first place in Periodontology. 

When Dr Jenna isn’t at the Studio, she enjoys looking after her own health and wellbeing as much as that of her patients. She enjoys pilates, going to the beach and walking her dog, Scout. 


Booking with Dr Jenna Cutting

Dr Jenna is available for appointments Tuesday-Friday.
Online bookings for Dr Jenna are currently limited - please call us if you can't see availability to suit you.


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