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Our Studio

In the heart of the beautiful South Coast town of Berry lies Berry Dental Studio. Committed to bringing smiles to the community, the Studio is an inviting, friendly space with staff who are dedicated to improving the dental health and overall wellness of all our patients.

For those who feel anxious or nervous about their visit, we have plenty of special services, such as in-chair entertainment, noise cancelling headphones, calming blankets, and happy gas, to help ensure the experience is as relaxing as possible. The studio is also the perfect place to bring little ones. We have Netflix, books and toys to keep the kids relaxed and happy. At Berry Dental Studio, we respect the needs of all our patients and have accessible parking and bathrooms as well as ramps into the studio to cater to all levels of mobility. The whole studio is wheelchair friendly, and we can rearrange the room to treat patients in their wheelchair if preferable. If you have additional questions regarding your visit to the Studio or our facilities, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.
We can’t wait to welcome you!
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