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6 ways to keep your smile bright this Christmas

Christmas is always a wonderful time to connect with family and enjoy delicious food and drink. Unfortunately, the indulgences of the silly season can take a toll on our teeth. To keep your smile bright and healthy over the holidays, follow our 6 top tips.

1. Choose drinks that don't stain the teeth

Coffee, tea and red wine cause brown discolouration over the teeth that will reduce the whiteness of your smile. This staining is worsened if the teeth have plaque (are "furry"). If you cannot go without your staining beverage of choice, brushing your teeth regularly will minimise the discolouration.

2. Avoid hard lollies

Chewing hard lollies may cause tooth chipping and breakage that can mean an emergency visit to the dentist. To keep your pearly whites happy, try tooth friendly softer treats such as cheese.

Soft lollies are less likely to break teeth

3. Don't use your teeth as scissors A surprising number of tooth emergencies happen when teeth are used as little tools to cut sticky tape and open wrappers. Using scissors instead of your teeth will help avoid a potential Christmas dental emergency.

4. Brush and floss

Keeping up your oral care routine will reduce the harmful germs in the mouth. Without plaque or fur on the teeth, you are much less likely to have tooth decay if you do indulge in some chocolate or lollies.

5. Ask Santa for an electric toothbrush or water flosser Many people find the electronic versions easier to use than manual toothbrushing and flossing. If you're stuck for gift ideas, this could be the perfect present for the lazy brusher or flosser.

6. Use a timer when you're busy Teeth should be brushed for two minutes, both in the morning and night. If you find when you're busy that you tend to rush through brushing, a timer can remind you to slow down and do a thorough cleaning.

Set the timer for two minutes for a thorough brush

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